November 2018


You sit by your window at midnight

Awoken by those heartless rats and roaches

They invade your frightened thoughts

Like strange walls in your crevices

But these pests aren’t the aliens

Those words are, the stinging remarks

The biting stigma, filthy letters,

Overwhelming reports which hold no water

They said you were barren

And you said “I wasn’t even married”

True, you may be no Mary

But you’ve never been a Rahab or Angel

What is barrenness? Let’s ask Sarah

But it wasn’t just about Isaac

It was never the absence of pleasure

Maybe those words were empty and vain

But they steal into your mind

And boggle your brain like bombs

Work walls scream no promotion

The tyrant bosses suppress your dreams

Naija’s womb aborts you before conception

A bowl of rice in the market jests at you

Those grains of beans swim far from you

And the naysayers add drumbeat to lyrics

They never whisper, never, they scream

“Barren bitch, this grounds don’t befit you

Earth hates you and heathens will hang you”

They shout words your mind can’t interpret

Ask Google Translate or the next polyglot

But tell you, before you mourn all midnight

Who said you were barren?

Who holds the key to your doors?

Whose hands put bread in your mouth?

Whose legs know the path to your future?

Where were they when you made kobos?

Where will they be when your trillion topples?

Who said you were barren?

Have you seen Elizabeth?

Did you hear Sarah’s laughter?

Can Hannah’s grief run in your veins?

Did you meet Bill Gates as a little boy?

Does Oprah’s story make you meditate?

Chill, don’t chew or swallow that barrenness crap

Whether your womb is your hands or brain

Whether your style is skirt or pants

You are not barren. Barren isn’t you!!!

September 2018


Who told you the sun would shine

What you saw was just a mirage

A trickling of brightness that soon melted

Under those covers of famous foam

Who told you the storms had sailed

As if the creator had a local councillor

Those hopes and blushes were temporary

Just the illusion of false might and bearing

What is the complexion of your grief

In whose face do you dare to spit

Can you defy the unexplainable

Or solve the puzzle of the Leviathan

One moment, we laugh at the top of our voices

The next, we are sullen, crestfallen and sunken

The claws of our fears grip us firmly

Until their poisonous venom spread through our souls

And shatters the fragments of our old deliverance

That sky which danced with stars has settled

It has found a cliff and jumped off

That summer that made your heart utter sweet nonsense

Has given way to some cold turbulence

Who told you the sun would shine

What you saw was a foolish deception.

July 2018


From strangers to lovers

It has been five years of Titanic

At every turn of our piece of a century

There was a silent minute

From the walk on the local lanes

To the rides on the highway planes

It’s been a mix of sweet and sour

Maybe a miscarriage but never a loss.

They say love is a feeling, indescribable

But nature gave us many definitions

We found the answers in numbers

Soon interpreting them in letters and lines

We carved those first nights in chats

Sharing the first smiles with smileys

And shedding the first tears with emojis

Oh… Here’s some story to recount.

We read history to know the future

Becoming philosophers in our dark skins

We named flowers, and colored art

Stepping into new shoes every new day

Some new tongues we learnt

To speak both like babes and princes

We passed from strange to strangeness

Until we hit that magnetic cliff.

There was no going back

Both our hearts were held like captives

It was a deliberate deliverance

Some small heaven among humanity

Our clouded sky soon cleared

Paving way for those anxious jets

They flew so fast, so free, so friendly

Our story sure deserves some telling.

Only the knowledgeable know

Even the wisest have no clues

Climbing Everest in our small caves

We saw the height of Hermon at last

Maybe it was curiosity

Or sheer generosity

The Big Guy digitized our identity

Sealed, Signed, Cemented.

And so, three hundred moons have smiled

Thousands of suns and stars have shone

The bold breeze has flown the flakes

And the firestorm has burned the weight

Upon us lies a future framed and defined

Designed by an invisible master artist

Better by far than Picasso or da Vinci

More skilful than Michelangelo.

He paints our future on eternal canvas

Writing like Shakespeare never could

Dante could never have the right words

And Michael Jackson won’t find the tune

He sculpts us with fine artistry

Like the ancient men watched the sundial

His potter’s hands are spotless

And in him we leave our hourglass.

Five flowing years of fountain bliss

Five smooth streams of celebration

Five delicious glasses of endless love

Five tiny years of friendship and freedom

Too little to dedicate a lifetime

But all we need to want a forever

Tai Nee now has new heels

And Wolverine has always healed.

As these words mark a bit of our history

They set the red carpet of glittering bliss

Until summer sails and winter wakes

I send all my love in a kiss your way.

July 2018

The Power of Laughter

Laughter transforms embarrassment

Into astonishing amusement

Laughter turns an intense argument

Into sheer, darling entertainment

Laughter quells brooding anger

It stimulates shared equality

It soon erases hovering hurt

Laughter replaces fear with fun

It quickly takes stinging shame

And remolds it into a game of sounds

Laughter reminds all humans

That we are all mammals. So laugh!

February 2018

Teach Us Our Tongue

Teach us to reach deep inside for our freshness

Even when vegetable dreams wilt and turn yellow

Teach us to weed, dig, and cultivate amidst the flood

Despite how often the waters become earthquakes

Teach us to count the strands of our young, gray hair

Irrespective of how unkempt those bushes soon become

Teach us to walk in the valley of death’s cold shadow

When the whispering of night tears our ears apart

Teach us to remember our names, ideas, and hopes

No matter how often pirates go behind the copyright laws.

Teach us to conquer our hungering, swelling lust

Even if we aspire to pluck our eyes and twist our tongue

Teach us to fight in the face of the sinking storm

That quickly causes our infant ships to capsize shamelessly

Teach us to trust that little cat that sways innocently before our eyes

As it is never our lot to be sadistic streams of distrust

Teach us to climb the ladders and defy the snakes

Since they can only hiss, and dance, and spray venom

Teach us to speak our tongue on the day of war

As in that lies our pure past, polluted present, and fairy future.

©arrowbird (+La Core)

February 2018

Let’s Skip the Operation

Jamming doors, Steps skipping

Scampering to find a miracle

Speed walking, slow dancing

Will this babe make it through?

Nude needles pinch their ugly way through

Fiercely tearing down flesh and water

Shall we save this life by piercings so true

To wake the pulse of the heart that falters?

Lights, busy bright lights, all so loudly confused

Undecided about safe survival or witless withdrawal

Windows – opening, closing, staring – shoot!

Perhaps some sunshine will mend the mortal.

Some near loss, very close to departure

“Skip the operation,” they whisper

Turn the clock for the caricature

“We lost this one,” there won’t be a later.

February 2018

Known Dive into the Unknown Deep

“Sorry, you’re not a bird. Why try to fly?”

“None is made a rat. So why try to hide?”
In panics, we forget the roots of history

We imagine new identities for our journey

But time soon restricts our souls and beings

And irritated, we hide behind cold chills

To take the plunge, we fidget in fearful fright

Eager to trade our will to that playwright

The one that designs the denoument

Before the Director says “CUT, the End”
With wails and boundless bawling, we scream

“Shall we have this known dive into the unknown deep?”

February 2018

Don’t We All Forget?

The chills are far disappearing

Leaving all shirts unbuttoned

The breeze is breezing in silence

As it comes to the first end of his days

Are we in error of the days and months

Those seasons that speak in clear tones.
Don’t we all forget the laws

That after night comes dawn

Guess we all part with that memory

That a minute always defeats the previous

That the dust soon gives way to rain

And at last, again, we can all be sane.