It took me a great time to find your seed
Saving you in the soil wasn’t so much bliss
Getting water and sunlight to keep you up
Didn’t come on a platter of gold at all
All the mornings I spent praying for you to bud
And evenings I stayed up hoping you would bloom
Here, I’m talking about days filled with anxiety
Without the peace that you’ll spring without me.

This dusk, I look hungrily at you
Only to find fright grip my breath
Many branches have stretched forth
Your root looks rooted deep into the ground
You appear really healthy and strong
But only one thing terrifies me
Though you are gallant and agile and grown
You seem to have eaten your own soul
Your branches lie makes before the sun
Your shoot would have cried for help if it could.

Looking at you, I refuse to mourn
But I shall not fail to ask,
Where are your leaves?
Your glory, your adornment, your beauty?
Where is the savour that makes you a shelter to the birds?
Where is the apparel that makes humanity your lovely companion?
Where are your leaves? Your essence? Your soul?


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