Wretchedness keeps digging my walls thin
And oblivion stands before me like Goliath
My wobbly feet cannot trace the green path
Yet I must not remain indifferent
Before my eyes are rotten gory sights
And confidence runs far from my direction
They say my words sting like a bee’s sword
They say my thoughts are vile and vivacious
They say my opinions are nothing but crude
But I’m still a woman, a growing woman
I must find my way to your home
But all courage fails my fainting soul
I seek to come in my skin undeterred
But their words ring in my head like the Mass bell
They are powers I can never undermine
Yet they are trees my hide must rub against
You remain the cave that won’t spill your wrath
For your rocks are foams of blissful ease
Thus, I ask in my undeserving voice
Filled with fear and filth and swallowed by shame
Shall I come anyway?


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