With eyes opening in his head
He watches night give way to day
In that second, a million thoughts fly through his mind
Bringing anxiety on their wake
Memories of his argument with babe last night
He shoves them back thinking she’s not hurt too
Flashbacks of the interview at the Oil and Gas
He wonders if he’d ever be that lucky
Reminisces of the deals with his guys
He’s uncertain he wants to go illegal
Mother’s voice from Father’s call last week
Won’t they just give him a break?
Little sister thinks he’s as scarce as goodwill
Isn’t he allowed to have a life?
Offers from that cute chick still hang
He wavers about defeating this temptation.

Higher studies may just be the option
But will the bill pay itself?
Lazying about is being a mediocre
He recalls Mohammed Ali’s quotes
Grab your greatness ticket even before you’re one
But does it start in bed?
He turns and tosses until the covers have him webbed
The sun is going to rise anyway
So in his head he shuts his eyes
And hopes to wake when his mind is asleep.


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