Many pains have your soul absorbed
And no words can into being, bring them;
Dangers have hacked you times and times
Though your fingers have, mercy, sought.

Evil births evil, but good does same.
Forgive nature its evil on you,
Let the shadows hide your fears
And give order to day to bring you light.

Let no night declare your flames
For none would mother disgrace.
Each heart is a haven of love,
Flourished by bouncing colours of Heaven

Pain may prick, pinch and plunge,
But peace placates shallow thoughts.
Taunting figures may call daily to play,
But be wise and obtain the right

Steal love for your heart
Amid the tiny awkward days
Of troubles constant and fears unfair;
And indignant shame and disasters

Take the wholesome filth around
And to the deep dispense it.
Be the harbinger of solace
When all choose gloom

Decide for fervent trials
To reach the mean heart;
Teaching it the art of love
And the essence of life’s call

Steal love for your heart.
Though the times be sore and dark,
Try for fine traits through the tiring trust
As patience remains the undaunted virtue.

Uphold the rights of the limbless
Defend the cause of the assumed cursed
Be the light for the black dark blind
And store love in heart’s safe.

Be the usher of good gentle gifts
And parade dominion in your pace.
Steal the truth of love everyday
Call her your bride till your death!


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