Friendship is naught if seasons dictate!

If our bond must see daylight alone
Then be gone with it, let it be gone.

This truth disgusts you, yet you think not to run.
You choose to remain greedy
And dine only when the bowls sparkle.

On the days of turkey and fried chicken
Your shoes have an eternal dance with my foot mat
A new track does your tummy release after each feat
Until no longer can you push the buttons.

While those days have now turned wishful thoughts
I brush all corners and bus stops for you, but where are you?
Nowhere in sight, as these are now days of Ponmo and Panla
How quickly your steps find new companions
And your fingers scatter in colourful and mighty dishes!

Only a fool will stay blind to wisdom because he lacks eyes
The boon for sunny days is same for rainy days
Only be wise enough to understand the tongue of nature in man
The true friend will cuddle you in times, both pleasant and tough
Be the days those of Panla or Ponmo or turkey or egg
A loyal friend will stay close, even when the bowl lacks content.


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