Listen to the bitter legacy that sin left us
Ponder on the many sufferings we face by much force
We’re all beauties out of dust
And live this life, we must
Talk about the many homes
That lack important things like foams
Just as we walk into bright light
It comes to us that we’ve won our fight.

Though many times we’re stuck in the cold
We never lose where we have our hold
Ask if we’re afraid to stand in these points
And you’d hear the tearing crack in our joints
As soon as we live, we begin to die
It’s our fate many a time.

Count our numbers and see what I say
For despite our work, we don’t get a pay
What is our crime or have we none
For where we stay, we stand as one
The great lights come on all humanity
But believe me, you’d find little unity
And if you doubt my word
Then you live not in this world.

Open your ears to this hungry call
For if we must stand, we must not fall
Carry your weapons like war is near
For every day brings death clear
Though a day is called birthday
It may also come to be called death day.

So take these words as what they are
Knowledge for the dying hour
Just as we sing of birth
We shout and cry of death
No one is left behind
As the grave is never kind.


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