Twitter4244f4a.jpgCockcrow rings the birth of a new day
And humanity opens its eyes to dawn
Some arise to consume yesterday’s dinner
While some begin at water and exercise
Some arise to kneel and pray
And some wake to sleep again
The idle man sleeps till its noon
And some pretend to have some strength
The youthful lady rises to bat her eyes
At the never-lying mirror at her bedside
She’s got strange friends that do same
They wake to paint their fingers red
And paste their blushes on high cheeks.

Some mothers rise to feed their young
They bath them clean; heads, hands and feet
The fathers speed their rides to work
So they are not late and at last sacked
Some wake to fast and pray at night
What do you wake up to each day?
A man is measured by his games
His plans and ways are thus betrayed.


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