The bear's photos.jpgThe tall, the short, your eyes have seen
Wealthy man, poor lass, your hands have touched
Handsome minds have you laughed with
And dull souls, you have dined with
For a good reason, the creator made all
That where one is lacking, the other may help.

You, who have once been down,
Are now by grace adorned with crowns
You, who the gutters once fed,
Are now the obese mindless one
You, who once chattered with the bright,
Are now the big-mouth of blind fools.

How can you see little of the filth you now wear?
If where you’ve been taught you some thing
If you will wear your height amiss
Better you stay down, short
And if wealth will be your god
Let the roads be your home to stay.


5 thoughts on “ESCAPIST

  1. I find your writing very profound and I am so happy I landed here.
    I looked for a “follow blig” button so that I could receive an email every time you post…but I did not find one. (Perhaps you did this on purpose…?) I can follow via my reader (which I will) but due to limited time I don’t always get to search in that way.
    Anyway…if you do choose to add that button from your control panel…I will happily press it! Have a beautiful Sunday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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