White lion cubs - Lions Photo (1970801) - Fanpop.jpgHungry, shaken, needy
Sick, ill-treated, broken
Bitter, sad, hopeless
Betrayed, denied, jilted
Rejected, abandoned, stigmatised
Disappointed, judged, condemned
Beaten, persecuted, tortured
Derided, bent, destroyed
Oppressed, convicted, sentenced
Robbed, raped, cheated
Homeless, tested, forsaken
Tempted, tried, taunted
Victimised, manipulated, murdered.

Black, Brown, White, Pink, Yellow, Red
Terrestrial, aquatic, arboreal
Tall, short, midget, giant
United, divided, illiterate, educated
Civilised, barbaric
Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Ali
Pope, President, Pauper, Passerby
Patient, paralysed
Understandable, puzzling
Understood, dumbfounded
Lepá, Òròbò, Darego, Yokozuna
Whichever you are, the same ants bite our behinds.


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