Placeholder ImageWarm noon, quiet and interesting
The window beckoned in whispers
The bee obeyed, riding fast
With a neat clumsy flight in between
Almost stuck, yet in songs and dance
The sleeping lady woke
Disturbed by the profound noise
That spanned only a region of the net
Missy weighed the good and bad
And birthed a wise quest
She slid glass upon glass
Locked, the bee grew scared
Beating to the left and right
The bee found an exit
An exit out of its entry.

Warm noon, gentle and serene
The window quietly rang an alarm
Anopheles heeded in a second
A graceful parade till an entry smelt
Buzzing into the soul of her book
The entertained lady paused
Like the bee, let’s test your IQ
She slid glass upon glass
Not intending to snuff life out
Only desiring Anopheles to think fast
Scampering to the top and base
Anopheles located an exit
Certainly fashioned from her entry.

Insects, humans – we all get trapped
Glass upon glass, earth upon earth
Do you find an exit from your entry
Or stay stuck, afraid to frighten death?


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