Page Not Found - BCNN1 - Black Christian News NetworkBCNN1 – Black ___.jpgHe yelled ‘you killed your child yourself
Foolish woman, why did you do this?
Didn’t you know you were due?
This child has swallowed so much faeces
You’ve killed your child.
With all these blood, can we still save you?’

Thursday morning, July 30th, 2015
BRT from Ikorodu to Oshodi
A visit to the postal office and
The legendary family tailor
Traffic will make the trip three hours
Only music can make this hell a heaven

The night before, sleep came late
Surfing the net, found Shola Allyson’s Oro Oluwa’s
She plugged her ears, no disturbance
But still alive to the road buzz and noise
At the highest volume, the music hailed
‘Oun mo ri ye ko ba mi leru
Oun mo ri ye ko mi mi l’okan
Oti e ye ko fo mi l’aya
Sugbon mo pinu lati di i mu
Sibe mo pinu lati m’okan ro
Tori mo mo pe Oro oluwa ko ni lo laise.
(What I saw should have scared me
What I saw should have frightened me
It should even have made my heart skip
But I decided to hold onto him
He’s a Holy God
Despite it, I kept a strong faith
Because I know that God’s Word
Never goes unfulfilled.)

Banging the motivation in her head
She was caught off guard with a scream
A woman shrieked, cutting through every noise
Commuters around wore masks of fear
All hearts beat super loudly
This was starring death in its face
A pregnant woman was in labour

Thinking to just mind her business
She lost it when the older woman
Asked to help as a midwife
Said ‘rara o. Mi o le se. Mi o seri.’
(No. I can’t do it. I have no experience.)
Who then has experience?

Everyone now shivered, worrying, crying
Even the music and its soothing message
Failed to sail through this dilemma
Would the pregnant woman have her baby on a BRT?
With a husband crying like a toddler
And other commuters watching in fright

Down to the ground, she opened it all
Like a hospital bed will require
Pushing, writhing, screaming, pushing
But nothing, only stench and nothing
Onlookers crumbled in fear, though praying
Praying like warriors before their fiercest foe

Death was here to take mother and child
Mother threw away all sense of shame
And begged baby to find entry to earth
But Father cried on helplessly
Even once deciding to be the doctor himself
Loathsome to watch his heart bleed

And from Ojota, the driver flew
Disregarding all traffic laws and codes
To save both mother and child
Commuters transformed into wardens
Cutting traffic and creating more
Until at last, the bus hit a hospital gate

Nurses jumped in, and next came the doctor
Everyone ran out, except the little lady
Straight to business, doctor worked his magic
Only to no avail – baby came
Filled with stench, disgusting and dead
Blue – lifeless – dead – gone.



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