Twitterc0d0743He looks at his eyes and sees fever
He speaks to his voice but hears gibberish
He seeks to taste wine but lips find sour
He wakes his dead spirit but hope seems lost
He listens to his heart but picks a storm
He questions his mind but receives silence
He flogs his conscience but that hurts not
He travels outside earth but lands on refuse
He stands on his head but still moves badly
He returns to his shell but the wall eats him
He tears down his watch but time goes on
He becomes a statue but the wind pushes on
He writes a goodbye note but the ink fades
He picks his killer sword but it becomes a toy
He falls to the floor and becomes a wimp
He tears out his eyes but they won’t bulge
He strangles his neck but strength rises

He is dejected, depressed, disappointed
Half-dead, broken, bitter and sore
Perplexed, petrified, shallow and lost
Hungered, angered and haggered

In the end, he picks up his feet
Carries his arms and speaks to his heart
Lying in bed, he hears silence
But dies to sleep, still echoing his dying ego.


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