Thoughts of a young african woman_ To a Beautiful Strong African Woman.jpgSome say she’s mysterious
Some say she’s a weirdo
Some say she’s a different specie
They scream she’s myopic
They yell she’s confusing
They don’t understand her leaves
They tell her to shut up
That she must be voiceless
Cause she’s not in the men’s league
They think she’s inferior
Too weary to match up
And conclude that she’s just an ant.

But like an ant, she is mighty
Not needing the help of some snub
She moves with companions
Angels of fame just like her
Defeating her foes and her fiends
She’s a woman, pretty woman
She’s strong, sweet and subtle
She’s mysterious, she agrees
But is that all you see when you look?
She’s a woman, wonder woman
A healing river to that gutless liver
She’s the mirror that reminds you
Of the day she bore you.


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