Boymine.jpgIt was past noontime
The silence was lush loud
Sunlight still seemed so dim
That even the fowls wore shades
Children paced the narrow street
Awaiting the global news
That before dusk drives through
Stars shall glitter on their roofs
What teasing! What wisdom!
Who swallows tilapia with its bones?
But beneath their uniforms they felt it
The heat of eating into falsehood
And trusting Judas to not betray you
They smelt the fart of the saviours
And knew they were only predators
Decorating darkness with wild eyes
To consume a whole new generation
They shake hands from the rear
And tell infants not to fear
Like Esau they sell their birthrights
Yet woo them to wave their flags
The children run from pole to pole
Frightened of the coming shock
No birthdays, no wishes, no growing
Only bread crumbs littered on streets.


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