Twitter94d7deb.jpgWelcome to the real world
Where everyone carries their bag of filth
Their hearts spill black blood and they’re all afraid to die
They long to drop the bags and just run
But they know Big Brother is watching
The rich kid flaunts his new Beats By Dr Dre
But deep in his soul, he wishes he had a father
In school, everyone brags about watching the games
Not alone, but with their fathers making it terrific
He looks forward to Grad school and a great job
But he doubts if he could ever marry and have kids
Behind him is that old man who has a million-and-one regrets
He looks at the young boy before him
And hopes that he’d never make the kind of mistake he made
He had loved his wife more than life itself
But had showered the love on his work than on her
He forever rues being the cause of their divorce
And wishes he could time travel
His eyes still flow with the salty sea
Of the many nights she called and he never picked
This night too, there’s the mistress at Club 15
Who hates to do this job cause it sucks
But she hasn’t got some better paycheck
Someone has got to pay her bills
And if all the men want is hot-as-hell humping
Then she’d rather die than live for dirt
She’s got a little daughter who has just clocked three
Latifah misses playschool, no friends, no girly stuff
No cartoons or baby dolls or chocolates
All she sees is her mom running out at five
And returning home tired and stinky at almost eleven pm
Where are we all headed?
There’s so much mess everywhere
Even love hasn’t had a good laugh
Since Adam fell in love with Eve
Nobody is smiling or crying
They’re all just moving
Waiting for their different bus stops
Too sad to smile
And too ashamed to cry.


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