wp_ss_20160817_0011She stays up at night holding the light
Making sure day comes ever so bright
She rises at dawn ever so strong
Ready to rush out to save her young
She leaves all aches to give all it takes
Prepared to work even if she breaks

Her kind I’ve never seen
Is she real or just an angel?
Her love is ever so real
Is she someone immortal?
She is mother, she’s my mother
She’s the reason I have no bother.

All the ills that she swallows
Only looking forward to tomorrow
The resilience, the sacrifices
Ever set for the future laid out
She is lavish in the love she bestows
All her desires she keeps neatly low
Just to see that her own are secure
In true joy and greatness and more

At the gates, folks sing her praise
And are taken by her flowing grace
In the nest of her heart and life
You find purpose enriched by delight
She is mother, she’s my mother
Cause her Maker carved her so tender
She’s a fountain that flows up a hill
To those places that not all can see

Sweetest Juliana, stay young forever
So that as I grow older and wiser
Your wisdom may dignify my style
Your warmth may light up my heart
Your kindness may open shut doors
Your ever forgiving heart may heal
All the hurts I may one day meet
Please stay forever young
Even on this day when one cycle ends
And another begins gracefully.


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