___ menu of delicious dishes from Feb_ 8–22_ Prices start from MOP 128.jpgYour taste bud tells you what it seeks
And you are quick to fill its urge
Your sight pronounce its choicest look
And you desperately dwell on it
Is all your life compiled by wants
Designed to cut you short in time

The sweetest cookies beckon you
The best of red wines draw you close
You think not if these one way hurt
Since all you want it all they want

Cravings, cravings, no one is a saint
Everybody has what draws them on
Pulling them like a ruthless rope
Not dare warning of the ills attached
Cravings, like a rose attract
Until you are compelled to pluck it out

You keep wanting, never sated
Only seeking to be filled, not flowing
With the bounties that surround it
Drawing you into its hold

Life is mother of all goodness
Both the honey and sour lime
Yet she won’t throw you a truck
Or erroneously devour
Let the choice be yours to make
Let not wild wisdom wean your thirst.


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