Track Hurdles Hurdles-track_1940x900_33807.jpgEach will stand on similar track
Whether right or wrong or left
Before love, we have longings
After love, they become demands
Demanded to be met by fire or ice
And when they’re not, earth opens up
And Eden falls into it, piece by piece
Eve becomes the reason you failed
Grew scary, threatening or away
Adam is compelled to listen to you
Nagging, complaining and crying

Who made us robots for each other
Designed to read the other’s messages
And interpret them most correctly
Without error in judgment
Or bias, mixed feelings or doubts

This is an hurdle not like on the field
Inches exceed what can be measured
Cause they’re both abstract and real
Filled with iron and glass and liquid
Strong and stable yet fragile and moist
Enough to stay unmoved by us
Yet too tossed about to not hit down
We’re jumping hurdles of emotions
Created as individual spirits
To find charity, hope and faith
But carved to project two selves.


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