There’s one who believes in love at first sight
Who never tires of the flowers and cookies
Whose day never has to end
For his lover is the breath for always
And separation is the mother of death
He writes lines like Shakespeare
And immortalises nature to bestow
Endless adoration on his lover
Whose light must eternally glitter
He works his behind to bones
To buy her gold, gowns and glamour
Call him not a fool in love, or for love
He’s only the poet that never lies
And lived to hail that love never dies.

There’s one who believes not in fate
That just as love is born, it must die
As special as it may begin, it must end
For such fantasies lived only in letters
From the ancient times of Romeo
So he seeks now the tool to fix love
As it has become a task too heavy
For even a pulley to lift or pull
He doles out fatigue at his lover
Exhausted by the seasons she seek
And Prince Charming he can no longer be
So with his spanner, he stares at his kit
He’s the mechanic who repairs hearts
Because they’re too red to bleed love.


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