18 Marriage Lessons… _ Pastor M's Blog(1).jpgShe was charming, beautiful and witty
A haven of humour and daring delight
She was a dream he didn’t want to wake from
That he fell for her charisma and laughter
Thinking he could find treasured only in her circle
He wifed her and gave her his name
Her curves sated him even before her body did
And he loved her melody when the lights were out.

Days became months and her belly became a ball
Her womb bore not one, but four
Running after her little ones, she forgot herself
She forgot her first, and new name
Even her hair became a forsaken field
She traded her charm for mothering
That all humour became screams
And all delight became complaints.

Her homekeeping became her undoing
That she forgot the man of her youth
Her children turned into her lovers
Praising  them with every endearment
She was faithful to feeding his throat
But she starved his heart and member
He soon saw in her only a stranger
And cried to God to save him from the alluring Delilahs.

Each day now brought a temptation
For needs unmet, hard to overcome
His wife had become a mother
Forgetting she was first his lover
She had all the fat in the wrong places
And neglected wearing make-up or perfume
She pushed him to the alluring seductress
Why do you blame him for straying?


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