Nigeria Flag Pictures.pngJust yesterday, we learnt our name
And began to utter it without shame
With dance and music we jubilantly
Celebrated our restored identity
Declaring our unwavering love
To write it in the sands of time
To propagate our roots to every globe
And decorate our fences with drapes
Of only colours green and white
So that when our neighbours ask us
What we pride ourselves in
We shall point them to the design
That spells our culture and lives
That reminds humanity of her essence
That retells our different stories
Every day, how we earned our name.

But sadly, close to the end of today
I search in the faces on the streets
And my sight beholds sad strangers
People who no longer care for fame
But would rather hide their shame
From the mockers on the subway
Who now chant in disgust our folly
Unwilling to save the frantic mock
For the day when we find ourselves
And regain our sanity to progress
While foreign skins look and laugh
Others come closer to our scene
To get a purer picture that provides
The answer they shall give to natives
When the question rings in the air
‘Have you seen our people?’


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