Flower Field Widescreen HD Photo.jpgFollowing saving the seed in the soil
And receiving ample sunshine
They rise to earth’s occasion
With the shrilling cry of a babe
As they go from creeping to crawling
And staggering to standing erect
They blossom in their dazzling colours
Of righteous red and yielding yellow
Some in their brightness flaunt their might
While others in their gentility stay collected.

But as noon soon steps aside for night
And the rains clear the highways for the winds
The reds become rugged like the sluggish orange
No one is fit to give hope to homes
And the yellows yield to vanishing vanity
Fading away and wilting without delay
The petals then turn aged missing their prime
Wishing the hand of time could again be turned
To when they were young and youthful
And never had to worry about fading in the fields.


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