Stage 2_ The melanosome has the machinery to make melanin, but is ___.jpgOne minute she was the humour in our veins
The next, she was waving us goodbye for the last time
We gave her a fountain as drink
But that only shot us above the mountain
She was gasping, hurting, crying
Yet none of us had a healing wand.

To see her writhe in bitter expression
Was like watching an eagle fall
Until an angel saved the emergency
Like the good Samaritan saved the traveller
One miracle was not enough, neither were two nor three
Hence, she had to borrow life to live.

Friends shook, worried and prayed
Hoping September didn’t get the last laugh
As her grip told them she was letting go
And she thought this was her last fight
Earth didn’t give her up to the heavy pounding of death
Or let her lose after winning many before.

No longer afraid to fight some more
She returned to stay for the future victories
Inhaling, returning, relaxing
She smiled with those bright eyes again
And assured us that she was never leaving
Eager to stay and keep our hearts ever cheerful.


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