Image_ http___dark_pozadia_org_wallpaper_Black-Dressed-Woman-in-the ___.jpgSister, when do you plan on ‘moving on’?
Is your life tied to only magas?
When will you like Asa talk to ‘Mr Jailer’?
Or insist that ‘Satan be gone’?
Or why does your player repeat ‘redemption song’?
When you’re blessed with a ‘coat of many colours’?

You tell the men ‘I will always love you’
And the next day ‘it’s hello from the other side’
You can’t keep ‘waiting for the world to change’
Or thinking you can always ‘apologise’
And even if you cry ‘stand by me’ day and night
I won’t be there when your ‘Christmas lights’ fade out
Or present for your heartbreaking ‘beautiful goodbye’.

‘God made you beautiful’, I promise you
And life isn’t just about ‘bleeding love’
I’ll be ashamed if one day the news reads
‘Someone said goodbye’ too early
Ask Dido what ‘life for rent’ means
A lasting ‘breakaway’ is what you need
I know within you beats a ‘braveheart’
And until you can boldly say ‘count on me’
No one is going to remain ‘by your side’.

You’ve got to scream ‘I’m Alive’ and be ‘thankful’
Also affirming that you’re ‘beautiful’
Know that the beauty of life is ‘the little things’
So when you’re ‘tired’ and just want to ‘crash’
Stare into a mirror and admit that ‘you’re a conqueror’
Because you get nothing done with ‘wishful thinking’.

I hope you’ll find someone who’ll give you ‘endless love’
Who would be ‘afraid to sleep’ when you’re not safe
Who you can tell ‘don’t let me fall’
Who won’t every time you fight say ‘I don’t want you back’
Who would sincerely admit that ‘pressure makes diamonds’
And he wants to ‘stay young’ with you.

It may be a ‘long, long journey’
But truth remains that ‘a moment lost’ is forever gone
‘Don’t you remember’ that despite ‘each tear’
‘Everything’s not lost’, and when you beg God
Sincerely saying ‘fix me’, he’ll ‘fix you’
And never once call you ‘foolish’
For wanting ‘freedom’ too bad
That you ran out of ‘grace’ to stay ‘grateful’.

‘Hey, soul sister’, look around and see ‘happy people’
You may never be able to ‘heal the world’
But you can ‘hold my hand’ and assure me
‘I’ll see you soon’, and ‘I’ll remember you’
‘I hope you dance’ when things get tough
And tell heaven ‘I look to you’.

May you never forget your ‘identity’
May you never forget to ‘pray’
‘Let your light shine’ wherever you go
Always remembering to dance
When you ‘listen to the radio’ play ‘Na gode’
And just like Celine Dion, say ‘thank you’.


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