Photo of an explosion.jpgThere’s been a spillage
But absolutely in the right place
You stuck your hand out to wipe it
But you got even more smeared
Folks came around to save the day
But you threw all caution to the wind
You fired them arrows of curses
And decided to let the ground sink
People won’t always be angels
For even the presence of demons
Brings them courage to fight
And win mercilessly without defeat.

Before it’s too late, clean the walls
Erase them of all the doubts and burns
Cleanse them before an outbreak flies
Dust the curtains and wash the drapes
Clear out the spider, not just the web
Cease to brood over faults and wants
Cause doors will lose their hinges
And even windows will be shut
Lovers will lock their ears and lips
And friends will be too fiendish to help
There’s a brooding explosion
Shall you wait till it’s too late?


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