Recent Photos The Commons 20under20 Galleries World Map App Garden ___.jpgIf you come to me with your empty dish
And plead that I share with you
Some of my delicious iyan and egusi
Or at least give you garri for lunch
And I yell at you in mocking laugh
Accusing you of lazing about
When your mates planted grains in their fathers’ farms
Or remind you that the food is my sweat
And you were no where when I toiled
Then I’m one of those broken bridges
Who care nothing about the traveller
Or how I can unite humanity to nature.

If I preach kindness and humility
And daily adorn myself in pompous attires
That you look at me and not just wish, but weep
That you cannot afford the luxuries of life
And I’m far too proud to stoop to talk with you
Or tender enough to perceive your needs
Then I’m one of those broken bridges
Who pretend to be the passage
Between creator and creatures
To assure them of Heaven’s harmony
Yet when creatures climbed, they fell
Cause I was only a phony, faking as a saint.


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