The Science Behind Blue Moons.jpgAll night, he stayed by my window
Staring down at me, not blinking once
I thought I heard him laugh a lot
But all I saw was a smile
I thought he’d leave at some point
But he was there all night
So I sent sleep packing
And spent the night chatting with him
I adored his stature and dignity
And how he lights up my world
When every candle is shut out
And only the cats mew lazily
I had him look into my eyes
And tell me the thoughts in my heart
Whether I was content
Or hungering for desires unreachable
I told him I wanted so much from life
About my dreams and sacrifices
About my longings to save the world
Or at least lift some of its weight
He looked into my eyes, searching
Digging my history, uniting my future
He took my hands in his, still silent
And with gentle twirls, he slipped away.


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