galleries-related_-cute-pregnant-silhouette-clip-art-pregnant-___Beautiful with beaming smiles
Almost beautiful, but a frown dulls all
With all elegance, the tall dance on
Depressed and weary, the short push
All sway in this direction and that
Awaiting dear delivery day

Harmattan got all cuddled in bed
Making babies for the rainy days
‘Weather for two’, young lovers said
In all NEWS axis, the mating began
Legs naive hugged legs promiscuous
‘Have my baby, I’ll give you my name’
Legal legs danced gracefully
For the law permits they fill the earth

And so, to the left, to the right
Swollen tummies, blooming bellies
Young, scattered, old, classy
Skimpy blouses hide some juniors
Flowing gowns announce some more
On every turn, many are double
A heartache- some have no man
To make ‘puuuuuuuuush’ a pleasure

The blooming balls, the super season
Stuck in the sockets of the skin
But blowing as the breeze insists
Find your way to Septober
Till Santa comes with a gift for you
And your Ma becomes young again.


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