The Danger of Being Cynical - CatholicMom_com - Celebrating Catholic ___.jpgI have promised myself never to vent
But I fear that my silence may make me mad
Doesn’t the Holy Book say pride goes before a fall
And that the creator exalts the humble
But in your miserable ignorance
You parade yourself as king

Who ordained you or even desired you
Is this the way David trod when Saul lost the spirit
Is this the charisma that made Delilah love Samson
Have you never learnt of the charm of Abigail
Or the succulent healing of Elijah’s words
But in your riotous foolhardiness, you boast

With shoulders raised to the honourable skies
As if by your bragging, you shall gather earth’s fortunes
Even the birds puke at your pompous flamboyance
And the passerby lizards scoff with their heads bubbling
Bless heavens this art has a heart
To contain my overripe limes and grapes
Else I shall spit in your face day by day
And take along with me all cronies you have hurt.


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