Are you an angry person_ Here's how to escape the #anger prison_ ow_ly ___.jpgEvery rain and rain drenches me
And I can hardly even feel my being
Trivialities had the best of us
And we lost knowledge of what was a must
We let silence swallow every laughter
And played like nothing even mattered

Under my breath, I bawled for my restrained emotions
Unexpressed excitement and rising disappointments
But your feathers never seemed ruffled
Or so you made me believe

I took a trip to Venus where the girls were elated
They looked beyond their tears and danced salsa with sarcasm
Together we threw our doubts to the wind
And shared our shields against the coming spears

Still not forever did my mind betray your impressions
Beneath all the jeers and loud jubilation
The endless eating and drinking
The ‘I don’t care what happens’
I saw that plenty had spilled down the drain
Moments worth saving had not touched our memories

We had fought a battle so needless
That in the end we only spilt blood in vain
And now, as we blow the past ashes into the wind
Ready to treat the present like the present it is
I think to myself of all the times I had wished
We had quickly kissed our flames back to life.


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