Happy Old Man _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpgHis grey hairs stand at the balcony
Reminiscing on fulfilled dreams
Lasting glory and reliable companions
From the days of the little earnings
And the fruitful small beginnings
To the wait at the bus park
Hoping not to miss work
Cause everyone esteemed him
As the best team player who ever lived
He gave his all, sacrifice and love
With diligence driven by duty cherished
Not inspired by envy or hate.

Even love had a good turn on him
His Hermon for each new morning
She was a lily even for the brief moment
Holding his hand, calming his storms
Giving his appetite sumptuous delicacies
Endowed with warmth, mirth and health
The reason he always ran home to cuddle
And get good rest after one or two hells
The magnet that lingered at every turn
The balm that healed his failing bones
His life has been sweet, like honey on a comb
May old age never take his youth.


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