C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_raywoo-600x399.jpgBlack hen, I heard you lost your baby
When it was born
Black hen, I heard you tried to save its life
But it was gone
I feel your pain though I am human
I know you’re grieving though I don’t see tears
In our own world, we wail and break down
When we lose loved ones we could have saved
I heard you kissed it a million times to wake it up
But in its shell, it never shook
I heard you prayed an eternity but it wasn’t enough
To bring it back cause it was gone
When was the funeral, who was the preacher
Who went with you to the graveside
Did you get to pour earth on it
And wave it goodbye
I wish I was there to mourn with you
Black hen, I see you grieving everyday
Wish there was something I could do
Like speak your language
Or you speak mine
And tell me how you are hurting deep inside
I’m so sorry you’ve seen grief too
It’s the most greedy creature that’s ever lived
I’m so sorry that conception was futile
And sadly no one can heal your pain
In my human world, grief is worst criminal
But no law court has laid its hands on it
I know someday it would spend years behind bars
And you and I will wave grieving goodbye.


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