Everyone knows that you are trying
To increase your good seeds planted in the wind
Everywhere you turn, several heads are turned
Looking at your efforts to be something more

What if you tried with the best intentions
Being that force that pulls the oxen out?
What if you tried with the nicest smiles
Without faking it cause it’s what others want?
What if you tried with the sweetest speech
Not because they say your sarcasm is hoarse?
Can you pretend sincerely for rainy days
Not because you just must weather the storm?
Can you don your hat with grace and honour
Cause it’s simply what the humble will do?

We see you throw grain at the hen
Can you do it for just more than show?
We see you greet that old woman with a bow
Can you do it even when eyes are blind?

Everyone sees you trying to be good
Can your trial be worth its worth?
No one can tell when you’ll be real
But while you fake, can you fake sincerely?



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