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She’s four years behind her life
And tears still make a fool of her eyes.

With sweet words, he proclaimed his love
Promising to buy her heaven and put earth in her palms
No day passed without a neatly wrapped gift
For her heart relied on his rich displays.

She dropped all guards, the naive girl she was
Presuming love was a synonym for gifts
In time, she parted thighs most graciously
To return the favours, or be thought a thief.

The months soon came without her date
And every clan learnt her field had been raided
‘Remove it’ screamed blood and blood
But her fragile heart chose to count to nine.

It’s been four years; her lad is a cute little chap
Though she sees him only when the phone rings
She lost literacy, time and pride
And like a babe, has to start at ABC.

‘I’m a big girl, but four years behind’
And the tears return to rage like a storm.


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