Trying to lull my eyes to sleep
I lay in bed and stirred in space
Without my mind, I stuck in the wall
Until my fingers killed an ant
What have I done, I asked myself
What did it do, why must it die?
I felt so bad I killed an ant
But not as bad as the lesson I learnt.

There were other ants on the same route
With one dead, they all stayed far
Too afraid to come close to death
That not one of them came close to him
As they came forth, they went off
Not daring to risk life like their friend
Who was just declared dead
While travelling on a hot afternoon.

As more aliens trod the same route
I saw each one tell the other
So they all ran, reversing in kind
And sleep ran away from my eyes
I was sad the ants were afraid
To live their lives on the road
Why, o why, ant, did I kill you?
Was it just my hand?

Was is time to die?
Why was it you that left
And not somebody else?
I’m sorry, cause I’ve scared your friends
The others ran to tell the rest
They came and checked, and soon confirmed
That you were dead, completely dead
They ran away, afraid to stay.

So everyone remains afraid
For fear that they may be the next
And then it dawned upon my mind
That this is how the human works.
One death scares everybody
We spread the news and hide at home
Afraid that we would be next
But where on earth is that fearless one?


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