___ Hot Seat is your chance to share about the impact God has been having.jpgIt frightens me to think of wearing your shoes
Or walking in them; how would I?
I by no means assume this is the way of fools
But I confess that this is compassion’s greatest height

Noon upon noon, you send flowers to her office
With a note declaring your endless love
But she’s ever so taken by the random charming remarks
That often rise and fall beside her ear drums
Giving beats to songs that could never sound like yours
From what well does your love spring
To what stream does it flow and go
That you care not if it becomes a barren river
So long as it’s a river flowing from you

Why can your heart never be broken
Why does being jilted cause you no wreck
Can’t you see that the other men matter more
Or that the materialistic rules the world of the living
She is not just a woman or a lover
She is a mother that gives birth every morning
She alone knows the lock to the aging side
And on her bedside do the wanton walk into the wilderness
How come betrayal means nothing to you
Why do you care and keep, and guide and lead

Do you care little that the villain steals your lovers
And drill their minds till they are cruel and crude
The universe gapes at you in wild amazement
For you always will be the guy on the hot seat.


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