birds-flying-away-tree-art-_-tree-water-colour-_-pinterestStep out of your room
And catch a glimpse of the bird that pivots itself
It soars to the sky and back to earth
Unmindful of the creeping terror
That peeps at it from a distance
Behind the shaded trees
Hanging on that stout branch
Hoping to catch its prey unawares.

He is a hunter desperate for kill
Eager to send his bullet flying in the air
At the innocent bird that simply sails
Through the welcoming wind
Delighted to follow the lead of other sparrows
Who gracefully bear their wings with style
Never once pessimistic about storms
That could toss them against the wind
And compel them to live or breathe their last.

The sparrow flays forth and back
Mesmerised by the endless melody
Of the tunes that play themselves
And chords that strike one another
Unaware that the hunter cocks his gun
Most ruthlessly in its direction
To curse it with an early death
That it never saw coming its way.


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