Extravagant Living Room Antique Luxury Villa in Qatar Interior ___.jpgGrant us our vanities
That even while we avoid extremities
We may have healthy doses of insanity
To keep us close to the bank of purity.

Our days are defined by our obedience
That we may never hold the rod of rebellion
Our regalia is sober and without beads
And even our gaiety belongs to shadows.

Must we like doves be untainted
And walk neatly in the tracks of angels?
Must we be too good or never too bad
That our anthem is all is vanity?

Grant us our vanities
Yes, vanities upon vanities
The splendour to wine and dine
And fly in planes so high.

Grant us vanities that keep us younger
That make our hearts merrier
That keep our relationships healthier
And our souls even lively and longer.



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