Performing Miracles and Saving Lives _ United Church of God.jpg

I know not what you believe
But I ask you why you deceive
In more than one wrong way
You have led novices astray
I know not what you preach
But I ask why you still teach
Things you never will practise
Things you rarely even possess.

I know not what your aim is
Or why you choose to do this
But I ask with earnest pleadings
That you find a way to cease it
Don’t you see the hearts that hunger
For many a thing that takes their hurts
Their frailness, their shame and pain
Because they cling dearly to all you say.

Like Black Eyed Peas, I make this plea
That you practise what you preach
That you give one of your two cloaks
Or at least turn the other cheek
If your belief can’t save a life safely
Without wrenching it of hope
And smoking out its lungs
Die to life, or believe nothing.


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