Cause and Effect Essay _ Definition, Format, Organization, Types.jpg

Who says alcohol always has to be the death of a drunk
Who says infertility only has to be the doom of a whore
Who says divorce must always be the lot of the contentious woman
Who says only the lazy feed on poverty?

Who made you an expert on the ways of the universe
Who endowed you with the vest of the final verdict
Who slammed open before you the book of penalties
Who told you that effect sprung from the cause in your mind?


2 thoughts on “CAUSE AND EFFECT

  1. Who made you a writer blogging literature hanging only from your inspiration?
    Who refills your pen with ink that the writing liquid isn’t quickly dried up or empty?
    Who made you feel you will get the hearing of the populace by writing your views?
    And in all musing, why is my addiction to the literally works of fiction than science itself?

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