Words have no power to bring you back
I’m so ashamed to be a part
Of a nation that misunderstands
And throws out stones at fragile souls
When there are goats that deserve the stoning
Why is it a kid that’s hungry and frail
That gets to face death in a trail
For wanting only to kill hunger
All you sought was food to eat
But you soon became the roasted meat
That was lynched and burnt to death
For only wanting to be fed.

Who did you offend
Or what was your crime
You were innocent with needs unmet
Where are your parents
Who’s your guardian
Why did they leave you to die as prey
Where are your neighbours
Or friends and playmates
Why was there no one to bail you out
Are you worse than the highest culprit
Who goes around upsetting numbers
Why did you face the jungle
When hard thieves play and bubble?

Why was it you, a seven year old
Who still should be provided for
Where is that womb that gave you life
Where is that arm that rocked you to rest
How can it be that you are gone
I know not how to cry these tears
Cause deep inside I feel this fear
If lords of crime, corrupt barons
Are set so free, free as a bird
Then why should you, a hungry child
Be set ablaze, cause of small grains?



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