DSC_0260 (2).JPGAsking was to hear what Father says
About all the longings in my heart
And so I asked for a man like you
And he gave me much more than I sought.

I asked for sweetness; he gave me a cake of many distinct flavours
I asked for peace; he gave me riches vested with rest
I asked for friendship; he gave me laughter coated in loyalty
I asked for motivation; he gave me a clock that always ticks
I asked for healing; he gave me a heart that beats for mine
I asked for hope; he gave me a river that always flows
I asked for kindness; he gave me a mansion of compassion
I asked for bravery; he gave me the courage of angels
I asked for guidance; he gave me a room handsomely lit up
I asked for a man after his heart; he gave me another David
I asked for honour; he gave me the glory of the industrious woman
I asked for discernment; he gave me the presence in my spirit
I asked for understanding; he gave me the voice of reason
I asked for passion; he gave me a man with direction
I asked for respect; he gave me elegance in word and deed
I asked for love, and he gave me a night filled with stars.

You’ve been everything and more
That I requested as I grew up
As you grow older to stay younger
May our stars smile bigger and brighter.

Happy birthday, Tai Nee’s Wolverine!


4 thoughts on “MORE THAN I REQUESTED

  1. Stars, moon and sun and cloud have I asked for and I received the heavens and it pavilion;
    I asked for a seed of hope, yet I received a forest of believe;
    For my wars, I asked for a knight but a legion of samurais I got;
    After the passage of my heroin and my hopes were lost, better than the treasure of Cassiopeia, you have been.

    I’m never as celebrated as you celebrate me. With you is so much importance, to you is so much value. Nothing is missing in the treasure that you are.


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