Heart Tattoo Design by dk688 on DeviantArt.jpgTo redefine his tomorrow
A young man woos a maid
To part ways with her sorrows
And become his righteous aid
He speaks in music and poetry
Exalting her pride with glory and fame
That she may dive in with eager effrontery
And believe enough in his name
He promises to fill her purse with the sun
And fill her womb with strong sons
He vows to travel with her to the moon
And never leave her in a dull mood
He takes the oath to love only her
And look humbly on all women for her sake
He cuts his finger to create a love lake
To show to the world what bleeds in his heart.

He stand before the holy congregation
Staring into her iridescent eyes
Assuring those lights of perfection
Of only purpose, no disappointments
No iota of hate or dissension
Assuring their friends and family
That he shall forever kiss her forehead
And adore her till their dying day
That her mornings shall have magical rings
And her nights shall be soothing and serene
That only in her bosom shall he lay
And cuddle soft in her arms all day
That he shall shirk other lips for hers
And ignore every tempting thigh
To find pure pleasure in hers alone
To be the best of lovers and forsake all others.



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