Twitter58af25d.jpgSafety beguiles us to love caution
Oozing it out in volumes and doses
Where caution is that ruthless thief
Who robs us of every adventure
To escape into the woods and laugh
And build amnesia to all worries.

Fear creeps like a cat into our darkness
And battles with confidence and guts
That our love soon has no audacity
To face a new path with tenacity
Until the land sips us again one by one
And reminds us how we all long erred
Treading the same porous path
Ever willing to jettison a new escapade.


2 thoughts on “THE PATH UNSEEN

  1. I think it has got audacity for firmness than audacity for rebellion. I see me in here this time, and don’t tell me otherwise. You know what I mean 😉, don’t you?


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