Description_ The Wallpaper above is Lion cub cute Wallpaper in ___.jpgI often ask the wind
Why he spends much time whistling
Disquieting the serene seasons
And throwing a storm during warmth.

I often challenge the sun
For being so bright and harsh
That in his kindness, he screams
Until all we have left is skin.

I often criticise the cold
For being so forceful in his days
That he breathes in minty air
And expels farts that trigger cough.

In the end, I am just like them
Never so gently, eager to move on
Hungry for action, never lacking passion
Even my days don’t define calm.


2 thoughts on “DON’T DEFINE CALM

  1. Eventually, we are edgy whenever our emotions are at stake. It is rather the fate of every one with the human nature. Spiritual leaders preach levitation from these mundane but will man escape his lust?

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