thanksgiving on nov 23 2017 thanksgiving on nov 22 2018 thanksgiving ___.jpgWith little flour, he bakes you a cake
And with a drink serves it when you’re hungry.

With little effort, he wraps you a gift
And throws it high to make you happy.

With tiny moves, he sets you above
And designs a highway to keep you up.

With dazzling lightening, he shows you off
And brings you closer to those like the sun.

With your one talent, he helps you shine
And writes your name in the sands of time.

With these many tiny blessings, you he makes
Yet these are mere edges of His ways.


2 thoughts on “MERE EDGES

  1. Tiny she calls them
    The petit of less affronting blend
    Poorly grass rooted as though not
    Knitting and fixing and tying the nuts
    Chauffeurs her through in pricely style
    Nothing more than she’s his spice
    Specially seasoned in carbs and veg
    Say it well, she’s all and all in all then.

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