image gratuit Bonne Année 2017.jpgWe threw the lot in
And the coin brought a head
A new soul sailed in on a ship
Wrapped with knitted cream coats
Cheering the family with laughter
And quieting the doubts and mischief
I almost gained authority over a kingdom
Until I had to learn a steward’s ways
In that kingdom, I was an angel
With beaming smiles and humble ears.

A flight took my arms to a familiar stranger
With whom I exchanged trade
Through the ride I have found my essence
My heart has throbbed with pride
For the amiable companions on the ride
I soon became a shepherd
So in love with the sheep I met
The voyage through this cycle
Was a beautiful moment through the Milky way
It was the herald of the singing bird
Who found her highest pitch at last.

It was no mere merry go round
As each stop was no stop at all
All were a present in disguise
A parcel well concealed
A puzzle only seeming difficult
Endless love in overflowing glasses
Compassion and confidence in a suitcase
Amiable reliable humanity
That I shall cherish
As I freely trade old for new.


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