Wonder Women DC Comics HD Symbol Wallpapers ~ Cartoon Wallpapers.jpgThe image of Wonder Woman wakes my mind
At an ugly time of the midnight to murmur
About the million impossibilities that my society
Tosses at my face daily.

It tells me I can’t always say my mind
Because I may earn myself a slicing slap
It tells me I can’t rule the universe
Because of the big whole, I’m just apart
It tells me I can’t love and lead
Because love is too tender to be tough
It tells me my home is my only purpose
Because my ancient mothers pounded yam
It tells me I must be silent among elders
Because the voice of a youth vomits folly
It tells me my art is worth no naira
Because the doctor is the king of our jungle
It tells me what to say and when
Because the social construct is the almighty dictator
It tells me what to name my child
Because the rulers can have no name sakes
It tells me how to define my identity
Because I cannot be greater than their greatest.

But who says the universe is green
And cannot be painted white and blue?
Who says that biceps alone equal might
When even the wind is never as wise as the sun?
Who says I must be what they make me
When I can be much more than I’m made to be?


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