Spiritual Keys to Attracting Soulmate Love - Lioness Woman's Club.jpgCall me not foolish if I smile to myself
Or giggle in your eager ears
The arrival of you into my lanky life
Has brought ripe ripples on the face on my sea
Cycle and cycle upon cycle
Have been a welcoming walk to remember
Our paths finding each other
Knitting our emotions with thread and pin
Together into a handsome whole
Bringing me a guard with much charm
With a heart of favourable kindness
Bending out of the status quo
Of cheats, backstabbers and doubt
And budding a bright blooming flower
Your petals in my garden
Have spread a fantastic fragrance.

In all our sojourn and passage
You have been a worthy keeper
Ever gleeful and gracious
Taking my arms with confidence
Showing me through my darkness
That my light could be the brightest
And pitching my lamp on a hill.
Is it how you spray the laughter like perfume
And set my insides on high
Impregnating my heart with lucid love
Making sacrifices better than raw reason
Breaking the hunch of impossibilities
Watering the plants of faith and hope.
Your love has been a gift from Cupid
Shooting me up into Venus’ circle
Making me queen even in Mars

I found you when you found me
And I have since found myself
Riding with you has been heavenly
Will you be my champ still?


2 thoughts on “AN ODE TO MY CUPID CHAMP

  1. You wow me with precious praise as though I was something significant,
    Started out condemned as a pedophile on the little lady’s box of jewels,
    Suddenly I counted months waiting till the next timing when we host at home;
    It was a to and fro of oke ola, the rugged road of carbonate and dust fumes;
    Relentlessly, this ugly path carved out the path of a bond beyond beauty;
    You gave me a responsibility and all I had in return was set you on the path;
    Buddha in kind beadings, teachings and tender touches and oke ola made us;
    Just about the transformer and the city went blind, we stole away on the bridge;
    Many machetes of discourage, shilangua made smooth opera in Sade Adu ode;
    Feel jealous because I found the perfect piece, I celebrate birthdays with gifts;
    Maami, I’ve found every reason to not take the jewel that calls pedophile at me;
    God bless 2013, January 13th, and keep Maami in my arms till I stop to exist.

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